The 30 Day German Challenge for more confidence in German

Boost your German skills in only 30 Days🚀

Feel much more confident in German and be prepared for all future everyday conversations in your daily life

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Success Stories


Doris’s training has REALLY helped me a lot in settling in to my new new home country without prior German knowledge. The training especially has had a big impact for me because of it’s form and how it forces me to speak, but still feel comfortable as the environment is such positive and safe place to practice. It is also great to have feedback.

I have been practicing German with Doris first via Facebook and then attending the training and I am now able to have small conversation e.g. in superstore and I can follow a conversation after six months. Training has been very effective without huge investment of time, exactly what I needed as a working mom.


Many thanks to you Doris 😄


Beste Grüße
Tea (from Finland to Germany)

After having 3 German-Courses my problem was that I still wasn’t able to speak German fluently. I needed a push and a motivation. Therefore I “bumped” into Doris’s Online Konversationtraining which I find very helpful and also amusing! The price is really affordable 😉 
The week Topic is everytime different and interesting plus gives “food” to think and discuss more than daily things. I think I’ve been improved important in a short time 🤓
Many Thanks to my teacher Doris Häder for this great opportunity!😍
Lia from Greece

30 Day German Challenge

Meet Me:

Hallo. Ich bin Doris.

I have lived abroad myself as an Expat and have experienced both: How it feels not to have any knowledge of the regional language and how it feels to arrive with supposedly good language skills and then feel very strange when the locals speak a completely different accent and even worse speak much faster than I thought.

Living abroad

Over time I was able to gain more and more confidence and got used to both the people and the culture of the country. It wasn’t always easy, but better language skills definitely made my life a lot easier.

Student love

I have been teaching foreign languages since 2006 and incorporate my knowledge and the latest and best learning methods into my classes. My main focus is on conversational skills because I simply believe that speaking is the key to success.

So if you want to take your language skills to a new level with joy and ease, then feel free to take part in my courses.

Ich freue mich auf dich!

My motto is:

Let's learn German with ease, joy, and confidence!

Why should you join the 30 Day German Challenge?

The Content:

30 Days - 22 Daily Life Topics

Every day you’ll get access to a new module with a everyday related topic. Each modules consists of four units:


After completing all the modules of the 30 Day German Challenge you will feel much more confident in German and you will be prepared for all future everyday conversations in your daily life.

⚠️ Please read and understand

Learning German only happens if you actually do it and become active yourself. Unfortunately, just buying a course will not make you feel more confident in German after 30 days.
BUT I can say one thing for sure, if you actively go through this course, you will experience significant improvements.
I am sharing my knowledge from the last few years of my work here and the materials from the course are ideally suited to support your German learning journey in the best possible way.

Starting Date and expiry of the course

  • Directly after your registration starts your 30 Day German Challenge. First you will receive an email with your login data. Please first look at the introduction to understand why the individual modules are divided into four units and then start directly with your Day 1.
  • Every day a new module will be activated in your Member Area. In addition you’ll also receive an email reminder with the title daily topic and a little instruction.

That's what you'll need:

About Doris Häder:


I am Doris, language learning Expert with a Master in Education and Specialist for German as a foreign language. I use all my expertise, my practical work experience and my studies from over 16 years of studying subjects like conveying of knowledge, language training and motivation to support you learning the German language.  



Due to my personal experiences living abroad, I do understand your situation and the considerations that go along with being an Expat and all the steps toward moving and living in a foreign country. Therefor I’d love to assist you with my knowledge on your path learning the German language!


My motto:

Let’s learn German with ease, joy, and confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to plan about 30 minutes per day for the challenge.
Experiences of former participants have shown that a little more time was needed in the first few days and later less.

Don’t worry, life is still happening, I know. So just continue with the following modules and repeat the module left out as soon as possible. 


You will have access to the whole course material for at least two years. So enough time for repetition. 

As soon as you register for the 30 Day German Challenge your individual path of 30 days is going to start immediately.

Yes, it is. 


If you choose the option of two installments: After the two installments no further charges will be processed.

You will get access to the course for at least two years.