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Feedback from satisfied members:


Doris’s conversational training is really practical and helpful to improve my German. I have noticed that I am more confident in speaking German with others in daily lives and also developed a better German listening skills. 


I would recommend Doris lessons to those who are looking for fun, enjoyable, and relax way to start learning German.





– Carrie L. from Hong Kong –


 Thanks to this class, even in a couple of months I have improved drastically and feel confident making phone calls and striking up conversations with my German skills. I studied German in school (many!) years ago and basically felt very uncomfortable speaking in German, knowing I’m going to be making grammar mistakes…


 This course gave me the confidence to communicate without being overly worried about my mistakes but having the confidence to go ahead and use what I have. The course helps with grammar and vocabulary as well and the themes are more useful for small talks and everyday life matters than in many workshops.  


 Vielen Dank, Doris!


– Liisa E. from Finland –

This is exactly for you if you want to

🚀 improve your German speaking skills

🚀 participate in everyday life conversations

🚀 train your vocabulary

🚀 be part of a like-minded community

🚀 up to 9 trainings per month

🚀 60 minutes each

🚀 1 Conversational Community

Speak German with ease, joy, and confidence

- this could be your communicative breakthrough in German -


You’ve already reached the A2/B1 level of German? Experience how you can skyrocket your spoken language skills in German in just 60 minutes per week in the ELG Conversational Club – This training is making you SPEAK German!




In this Conversational Training you’ll receive all the tools, ressources, and material you need to improve your speaking skills and finally speak German with joy, ease, and confidence!



This is what you’ll get if you register for the ELG Conversational Club:



✅ talk about weekly conversational topics

✅ prepare yourself for the conversation with the course material (PDF, audio, vocabulary list)

✅ join up to 9 Live Zoom Meetings per month


        Live Zoom Trainings every

  • Tuesday from 8.00 to 9.00 pm CET
  • Friday from 10.30 to 11.30 am CET
  • additionally: free chit-chat exchange once per month on Friday from 8.00 to 9.00 pm CET

✅ be part of a terrific community with like-minded learners



We would love to talk to you soon on Zoom! 



We know this training works, so we provide a

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you're not satisfied, just send us a message and you'll get your money back.

What's inside the course?

Happy clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can participate in up to 8 Conversational Trainings plus 2 Community Meetings for chit chat conversations per month.


To prepare yourself for the Conversational Training you’ll receive every Saturday a PDF, an audio, and a vocabulary list in your members area.


In addition you’ll also receive a PDF with useful phrases & expressions after each Conversational Training.

I recommend to have at least an A2 level, you don’t need to be fluent yet, this is why you are going to participate in the training 😉 But if you’re still an advanced Beginner I also recommend to put a little more effort in the preparation for the weekly topic – e.g. think about what you’re going to answer to the questions given in the PDF file & prepare your individual vocabulary list 

You can choose a 30 day subcription for 29,99€ per month. 7 days before your current subscription month ends you’ll receive an email asking whether you wish to continue with the ELG Conversational Training or not. 

Yes, this is expressly desired.


At the latest in the breakout sessions, when you are only talking to one person, I would like to encourage you to turn on your camera, as experience has shown that the exchange is better then.


As is well known, what is spoken only accounts for a small part of a conversation, but facial expressions and gestures are decisive.

As briefly shown in the grapic above, the Conversational Training is divided into 4 phases (approx. 15 minutes each):

  1. phase: Opening
    At the beginning we have a short introduction to the topic of the week with the whole group
  2. phase: 1st Conversational Exchange 
    You’ll go into a separate room within Zoom (Breakout Session) with one other participant and talk about the topic with the questions provided in the PDF file. 
  3. phase: 2nd Conversational Exchange 
    You’ll go into another separate room within Zoom (Breakout Session) with one other participant and talk about the topic with the questions provided in the PDF file. 
  4. phase: Ending
    At the end we all come together again as a group in the Zoom room and Doris explains some grammatical phenomena and provides helpful idioms. The PDF of this phase will also be uploaded to your member area afterwards.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, if the training isn’t for you, just send us a message and you’ll get your money back.