About me

I teach (future) Expats and other Internationals effectively the German language and how to implement their knowledge soon in everyday conversations.

Schön, dass du da bist!

I am Doris, language learning Expert, Specialist for German as a foreign language, Spanish Teacher, Coach, Traveler, Espresso-Lover, Hobby-baker and I love to get in touch with new people. And I admire animals. I use all my expertise, my practical work experience and my studies from over 14 years of studying subjects like conveying of knowledge, language training and motivation to support you learning the German language.  

Due to my personal experiences living abroad, I do understand your situation and the considerations that go along with being an Expat and all the steps toward moving and living in a foreign country. Therefor I’d love to assist you with my knowledge on your path being an Expat!

My purpose in life:
I live and create inspiring relationships.

Doris was born in Hamburg, Germany and was always travelling a lot with her family. After receiving her job title she decided in the age of 20 that she wanted to practice her Spanish knowledge in a Spanish speaking country. When she arrived in the Dominican Republic in 2016 she just thought that all her knowledge was worth nothing, because even after three years of learning she didn’t understand the people as good as she wished to. After adapting to the “latin lifestyle” she gave herself some time to practice every day a little bit more and especially talk to the people, even if she didn’t understand everything. After a while she got a job offer to work with English speaking tourists. Joyful she started a new work experience where she was also able to improve her English knowledge.


In 2007 she came back to Germany and decided to work as an office administrator for a print company while also taking her A-levels. In 2010 with her matriculation she decided to take another experience living abroad and started living in the Netherlands to study International Business Management in English. But living close and yet so far from her family was unsatisfactory. So that she returned in 2011 to study teachers training at the University of Hamburg and graduated in 2016. While studying she already gained multiple valuable experiences by teaching Spanish and German as a Foreign Language. In 2017 she finished her traineeship at a public professional school (Berufsschule) in Germany and got her first child. The next child just arrived in 2018.


During her parental leave she gave German trainings to Expats from various countries. When reflecting her work she noticed that many Expats are quite overwhelmed by adapting themselves into the new country, new working conditions, new schedules, new colleagues and friends, new free time activities and much more. Sometimes it had been hard for some Expats to block a 90 minutes training with her even though they wanted to learn the German language and about the German culture. Therefore she invented Expat-Learn-German, first as an idea, and then to give Internationals the possibility to learn the German language in their individual pace but still in collaboration with a professional teacher. And this is what her services are all about, giving you an individual but also self-paced learning experience.

My Milestones

  • German State Examination (2. Staatsexamen)
  • for being a professional teacher in public schools
  • Master of Education at the University of Hamburg for Teacher Training
  • Trainer for personal development
  • Vocational Training at Deutsche Post AG for being an office administrator
  • Expat experiences in Dominican Republic and The Netherlands

My Recommendations

News in German – slowly spoken

Official German dictionary

Pons – Translation with various specifications & explanations (I prefer this one to Google Translator)

Books in general: The Big Five for Life, Life safari, The Why Café, The 4 hour work week, The miracle morning.

Are you ready to learn the German language?

If you are still not sure, what you really need to start your German learning experience, we should have a short consultation call and see how Expat-Learn-German can help you