My Services Overview

Individual Training

Are you looking for an efficient and easy way to learn the German language? Get your Individual German Training.


Conversation Training

Would you finally like to get FLUENT in German with like-minded people in a safe environment? Join the ELG Club


Self-paced E-Courses

Follow the step-by-step formula to finally learn German with a proven strategy. See the various E-courses here


Individual Training (1:1)

Are you searching for a Training that considers your personal needs and life circumstances? Would you like to get maximum results due to efficient learning methods which are adopted to your individual learning behavior?
With the One on One Trainings you will encounter the most efficient and easy way to learn practicable German fast and enjoyable.
Would you like to be able to participate in conversations with native German speakers or in everyday situations?   
This is the right course for you

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Would you like to start your German Training with like-minded people that have similar life circumstances and find themselves in much the same situations while adapting to the new culture and surrounding? In this course you will have the perfect possibility to practice your knowledge with your peer group.
During the trainings you will have the ability to exchange your experiences, develop strategies for learning and behavior in Germany, practice your small talk abilities and have a lot of fun while learning the German language.

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Conversational Training (Membership)

Self-paced E-courses (A2+)

Would you like to enjoy an ultimate flexibility and get to know the German language at your own pace? The E-Course are the perfect choice for you! You will develop your language skills with a great combination of videos, audios, writing tasks and pronunciation exercises. The different methods allow you
an incredible modern learning experience. The courses offer email reminders that will be sent to you to empower your preferred intensity of learning progress. For maximum results a mix of Individual Trainings with the E-Course is recommended.

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Would you like to start your German Training with other Expats of your company? Would you like to learn specific vocabulary regarding your field and company?
We will through light on typical conversations hold in your company with (external) clients, business partners and other team members. During the trainings you will have the ability to develop strategies for applying your German knowledge in the company, practice your small talk abilities and enjoy the advantages of learning in a group.

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Language Course for/in companies

Professional Orientation

Are you still searching for your dream job?
With assistance of reliable methods and materials we will take a look at your experiences, knowledge, skills, strength and needs to encounter your WHY and with it your dream occupation. In addition we are going to take a look at the current situation of the job market in Germany and the advantages you will have working in Germany.
Are you ready to find your WHY?

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Do you know about the actual requirements that German companies have regarding the covering letter, the resumé, and supportive documents? Due to my many years of experience working myself in different fields and companies but also supporting Coachees in their application process I will give you some helpful tips and tricks about the Do’s and Dont’s in the job application process. Also we can have some training about typical asked questions, so that you will be best prepared for your job interview.

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Training for application