German Training for Expat Groups in their company

(max. 6 participants) online or offline [A1 to C2]

When you are working with a couple of Expats in your company, I’ll offer you a specialised individual or group training (max. 6 participants) in your office, addressing the specific needs of your company and field. We will be talking and practicing conversations and vocabulary especially for the needs in your working life.

This allows you to integrate better in your team, you’ll be able to have standard conversations regarding the field you are working in, you’ll be able to communicate better with (external) clients and business partners, and we will also be talking about your individual needs concerning every day Expat life.

Advantages of group trainings are as follows:

  • get in touch with like minded people, that are having similar issues whilst adopting in a new culture
  • learning in a protected surrounding
  • application of the learnings immediately in the group
  • exchange and practice of knowledge at once
  • support of other Expats
  • possibilty to practice the new phrases with the other Expat colleagues in between of the classes

Special topics for companies:

  • Communication with colleagues
  • Communication with clients and business partners
  • Practice of vocabulary with reference to your company and field
  • Special Expat topics, e.g.
    • How to act when I’m sick (communication skills)
    • How to behave on a works outing (communication skills)
    • How to behave on a christmas party (communication skills)
German Training for Expats in their company
German Training for Expats in their company – Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Here are some of the possible topics for the German Training for Expat Groups in their company:


Basic conversations – helpful phrases and background knowledge on behavior 😉

  • in a restaurant
  • at the doctors
  • helpful phrases at the groceries & shopping
  • at the reception in a hotel
  • in business situations
  • at the bank
  • at the post office


Respectable conversations

  • at Business Meetings
  • regarding usual contracts (e.g. electricity, mobile phone plans etc.)
  • regarding daily habits and how to get control of them
  • to talk about your experiences and feelings living abroad
  • positive mindset and its effects on daily life
  • in the hospital
  • German Lifestyle and history


Advanced conversations

  • regarding the latest news
  • about the (worldwide) economy and the consequences
  • to participate and to hold your opinion in discussions
  • in respect of history and science
  • about further contracts (e.g. retirement provision)
  • regarding the Educational system in Germany

And if you have any further topics, just let me know and I’ll provide everything you need.

This training is hold one on one live (online or offline). You can choose whether you want to make the class online or in Hamburg, Germany. You will get material just fulfilling your particular needs (e.g. grammar, special subjects, vocabulary etc.).

To get out the maximum for your German learning, combine this Training with the Online Course.


1 Training = 90 minutes

2 participants – 80€ – 40€ per person
3 participants – 90€ – 30€ per person
4 participants – 100€ – 25€ per person
5 participants – 110€ – 22€ per person
6 participants – 120€ – 20€ per person