Are you still searching for your dream job?

I will support you on your way to define your dream occupation considering your experiences, your talents and all the possibilities and advantages offered in Germany.

Time for reflection

Taking time to reflect and search for activities and tasks you love to do, strengths and personal characteristics that define you as a person will help to find your WHY and almost automatically a fulfilling job.

In our one on one session we will be thinking and talking about various aspects like:

  • What do you love to do while you’re even forgetting time and space? (state of flow)
  • What are your favorite free time activities?
  • What kind of compliments did you already get?
  • What do others adore about you?
  • What are your experiences?

We will use different methods to think about your experiences and your current situation to create a powerful picture of your perfect future. Then we will set up definite steps towards your future job in Germany, that secure your progress and success.

One method we could use is “The tree of life” where we’ll take time to reflect about things that support you, your talents, your private and professional experiences, your visions and dreams, and much more.

Job Orientation
Job Orientation – Method: Tree of Life – Image by mbll from Pixabay

Advantages of working in Germany

Also we are going to talk about the current situation regarding finding a job in Germany. I will give you useful basic information about the regular job appliance procedure and if you need further help with the requirements, you can also have a look at my service “Training for job application”.

In general we will also be talking about the opportunities, rights and duties of being an employee in Germany. We can take a look at the German social welfare system and the advantages being part of it. If you have further individual questions, I will take the time to get you the answers.

Would you like to start?


1 Training = 90 minutes

1 Training – 60 €
5 Trainings – 275 €
10 Trainings – 550 €