Are you still living outside Germany? Would you like to get prepared for your job interview in a German Company?

I will give you useful information regarding specific topics you should know about before having an job interview with a German Company.

Preparation is everything

In Germany the expectations for an excellent application with all the necessary documents of support are at a high level, therefore I’ll offer you the best preparation for your application at a German company.


How about your documents? Do you exactly know the requests of German companies so that they will even have a look on your application? What phrases do you normally use when writing an application letter? How is the Curriculum Vitae structured? What are the standards?

I’ll help to answer all these questions. I’ve been working in various companies, institutions and schools helping youngsters and adults to get their perfect job, so I will do for you, too.

I’ll give you all the supportive advice that you will need to succeed at your job interview. Often the HR people do have some special questions for an applicant you should definitely be aware of and with the best preparation you will easily get the job.

Training for job application
Training for job application – Image by loufre from Pixabay

Preparation for the job interview itself

Normally recruiters and manager of HR are going through standardized phases on a job interview. I’m going to explain the phases, so you can have a relaxed conversation with your future superiors.

Another thing we will be talking about, are typical questions you will probably get asked in your job interview, e.g. How do you organize your work?, How do you prefer to work?, What do you think which qualities are needed in this position?

Preparation for self-confidence

Do you already know about your strength and weaknesses?

What’s characterizing you for this specific job? What are your benefits in comparison to other candidates?

Which special knowledge and skills do you provide for the company?

How much could you ask for a decent payment? Should you already write your salary expectation into your job letter or should you leave it out? What if it’s expressed explicitly in the announcement? What’s your worth and what’s the average payment someone should get in this position?

We are going to get you prepared for all these and further questions! To make sure you will succeed!


1 Training = 90 minutes

1 Training – 60 €
5 Trainings – 275 €
10 Trainings – 550 €